The Day Breaks

Continuous large format LightJet print. 50 x 577 inches (127 x 1465cm) Array assembly: salvaged enlarger lenses, ABS pipe, copper fittings, rubber O-rings, fibre-optic cable, aluminum extrusions, wood, clamps, hacked scanner. Edition of 1

Via Lactea (series on-going)

Actual colour of these works cannot be represented as they are beyond the gamut of digital displays. Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuehle gloss Baryta 320 Wood frame with Artglass UV/AR 40x40 inches (102x102 cm) Each an edition of 6

Cloudmaking (viewed under the principle of least time, or constructive interference)

Magnifying lenses, borosilicate flask, antique bunsen burner, brass fixtures, ipe wood, metal stand. 11 x 28 x 44 inches (28 x 71 x 111cm)

Spectrum Studies (series on-going)

Archival inkjet print on DiBond, UV laminate, wood frame. 30 x 31.5 inches (76cm x 80cm) Each an edition of 5

33 Views of M33

Laser engraved tungsten light bulbs, porcelain lamp holders, wiring, dimmer circuit, electronics. Dimensions variable, Edition of 3

Untitled (an object kindly enclyning)

1080P HD video, continuous loop

Transit (viewed through unexposed processed transparency film)

Archival inkjet print on Hahnemuehle Gloss Baryta 320, wood frame with Artglass UV/AR. 39x48 inches (99x122 cm) Edition of 6. Transit Day (video) included in exhibitions only.


Blue phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments, UV lamps, custom arduino/dimmer/drive units, metal fixtures. Dimensions variable.

La Lune Perdue

Daguerreotype in custom white oak frame, sealed glass casing. 20x16 inches, edition of 2+1 Huge thanks to Adam Fuss Studio, NY and the BC Arts Council for assistance in realizing this project.


Darkroom C-prints on aluminum, UV laminate. Each 12.5 x 18.5 inches (31 x 31cm) Edition of 5 (each edition a suite of ten works)

Empty Moon (for Yves Klein)

Double-walled aluminum bowl, automotive paint and mirror polish, milk, drip vessel, 6 snooted narrow-beam LED lights. Dimensions variable. Edition of 1

Hydro Poles Shadowing (after Muybridge) 2002/2010

Lightjet print on Ultramount, UV acrylic, wood frame. 10 x 62 inches (25 x 157cm) Edition of 5

Torture Box (145,071 kms in 1:21:03 @ 1676 km/min)

1080P HD video, 1:21:03

Light Adjustments (Centre of the Universe)

1080P HD video, 14:41 mins

The Oracle and the Outcast

1080P HD video, 7:32 mins

The sun was born in darkness, to shine for a time, only to return to darkness

A performance-based sculptural work


1080P HD video, 4:19 mins

Rememoration Works


Archival inkjet print on Lasal paper, custom wood frame, Artglass UV/AR. 48”x39” (122x99cm) Edition of 6 and 20”x16” (51x41cm) Edition of 20

Crepuscule, 2003-2006

Archival Inkjet prints on Aluminum, UV face laminate, polished edges. Each work 36” x 36” (91x91cm) Edition of 6